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Engineering Themes:

MC Engineering Themes (MCET) is a multidisciplinary International, double blinded peer reviewed open access Journal. MC Engineering Themes invites Authors to submit their original Research articles, Review articles, Short-communication, Opinion, Proceeding etc. Which is Specially designed for Engineering Themes and also to explore various advancements in Engineering like Engineering Management, Biomedical Engineering, etc,.

Major subject areas of Engineering Themes, but not restricted to following fields:

Biomechanics, Construction Engineering, Earth Science, Engineering Mechanics, Geodesy, Hydraulic Engineering, Nanostructure, Urban Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Environmental Chemistry, Structures & Geosystems, Ocean Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Biofluid Mechanics, Advancements in Automation, Industrial Robotics, Robotic Systems, Spark Ignition, Field Robotics, Fiber Engineering, Cell and Tissue Engineering, Designing, Rock Engineering, Composite Materials, Construction Material Handling, Bone engineering, Organ engineering, Introduction to Plastics, Biological Engineering, Automobile Engineer, Micro propagation, Bioengineering, Chemical and Energy industries, Automation engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Bioreactor Design, Automation Devices, Dynamic Information.     

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  • MC Engineering Themes is an international, profound Journal which publishes Articles on various disciplines of Engineering Themes.
  • Publication certificate will be provided to author.
  • Rapid publication process.
  • Reasonable publication Fee. 
  • Immediate Acknowledgement to author after article accepted for peer review.
  • High visibility of published work.
  • Best Knowledge sharing platform.
  • Thorough Double Blinded peer review.

Latest Article

Internet of Things, Cryptography, Blockchain and Data security: New Trends and Challenges

Muzafer Saracevic

Published: September 01, 2021; 1(1): 01-02

Security is a very important aspect of a smart system as one of the core smart city components. That is why the concept of smart cities must pay special attention to the security of the individual Internet of Things (IoT) components that make up smart cities. For an IoT system to operate smoothly, all participants in the communication must permit the system to collect information about them - e.g., on the street by various sensors, at home by various devices, such as mobile devices, etc. Such a large set of data collected about the citizens in a smart city is a major security issue.

Acceleration Analysis of a Rotating Object

Ryspek Usubamatov

Published: September 01, 2021, 1(1): 03-08

Any rotating object with variable velocity about a fixed point generates centrifugal and tangential accelerations that are the components of the inertial forces. The known textbooks of engineering mechanics contain chapters for the acceleration of a rotating object that is presented by not accurate mathematical processing. Such a mathematical model for the acceleration of the rotating object yields the incorrect result that leads an unjustified increase in the size of the mechanical component of machines. In engineering, rotating components of machines is a subject of exact computing of inertial forces which non-observance reflects on the reliability of their work. This work considers an analysis of the acceleration of a rotating object at a fixed point and presents the precise mathematical model for its acceleration.

Keywords: Radial and Tangential Acceleration; Rotating Object; Fixed Point