Medicon Engineering Themes (ISSN: 2834-7218)


Volume 3 Issue 6

A Bridge, A Well and A World-Class Oil Field

Sun Jiajun*

Published: November 01, 2022

DOI: 10.55162/MCET.03.090

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     The Yellow River has a famous tributary called the Wei River, the Wei River has a famous tributary called the Jing River, and the Jing River has a less famous tributary called the Malian River; Not far from the place where the Malian River flows into the Jing River, a bridge was built in the sixties of the last century, and one end of the bridge connects to Changwu County in Shaanxi Province, the other end of the bridge is connected to the Qingyang area of Gansu Province, so the bridge was named Changqing Bridge; From here, tracing the Malian River up, you can find an old county town called Qingyang County and now called Qingcheng County, this The old county town is lifted by two rivers, east and west, on a high loess terrace; Although this is a small county town, it is a historical city that can be counted in the country, how long the history of ancient China is, how long the history of this county town is, and the historical story of this city cannot be told for three days and three nights; The small river that protects this city in the east has a poetic name "Rouyuan River", and if you go up the Rouyuan River, you can meet a smaller county seat It is Huachi County; Not far from the county seat of Huachi there is a small village called Zhaogoumen The village met a drilling team in 1970 of the last century, and the drilling team with the number 1858 made a hole there The well for exploring for oil, the name of the well is Keisanjing; On August 7 of that year, I saw the industrial oil flow, which was a groundbreaking event in Qingyang, Longdong, people From this, it is known that there is oil hidden in the depths of Qingyang. At that time, the country's economic construction, especially war readiness, urgently needed a large amount of oil, and Qingyang happened to discover oil, a great happy event Yikes! The Central Military Commission of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to this great happy event, and the State Council and the Central Military Commission have jointly issued it Document No. 81 1970 entrusted the glorious task of exploiting the oil here The leading organ organized by the Lanzhou Military Region and set up in Lanzhou marched all the way east and then east, until the place where the bridge was built, and then set up camp. Because the name of the bridge is Changqing Bridge, the leading organ that has set up camp here has taken them on a mission That is, the oilfield that was developed and built was named Changqing Oilfield. Who would have imagined that fifty years later, this oil field that was discovered from that well and named after that bridge, It has become a world-class oilfield with an annual output of 60 million tons.