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Criteria for Manuscripts Submission

We request the Authors once to go through the below publication guidelines for the rapid publication process without any delay.

  • Authors are requested to submit manuscripts in Microsoft word file.

  • Article should be in English language only.

  • Articles should be submitted along with the Cover Letter.

  • The Article should not exceed 30 Pages.

  • Article should contain high resolution images, Editable tables and flowcharts.

  • Article should be written in Cambria 10 font, with single columns format.

  • The Entire article should be in editable format.

  • References should not exceed 50 and it should follow MLA style of referencing.

  • Authors are requested to include reference numbers in the text part of the article.

Instruction for Authors

Please go through the below guidelines.

1. Cover letter

2. Manuscript Format

3. File Format

4. Title

5. Author names & Affiliations

6. Headings & Subheading

7. Abstract & Keywords

8. Abbreviations

9. Introduction

10. Material & Methods

11. Results & Discussion

12. Conclusion / Final considerations

13. Acknowledgements

14. References / Bibliography

Cover Letter

  • The cover letter should include the manuscript title, corresponding author complete institutional address etc.

  • The corresponding author should clearly state the approval of co-authors for manuscript submission and also stating that the article has not been published elsewhere previously and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Click here to download the cover letter 

Manuscript Format

File Format

Article format should be Microsoft Word format in English Language only.


Title should match to the content of the manuscript and it should be (Capital letters in Bold Font size 16) centered.

Author Names & Affiliations

Provide complete details of authors (Affiliation)

(Name, Department, Institution, University, City, Country)

Heading & Sub Headings

Headings should match with the content and also give proper numbering to the heading and subheadings.

Abstract & Keywords

Abstract should contain a brief explanation of the article and it should not exceed 300 words and citations should not be included in this section.

Keywords should be separated with the semicolon (Ex: Agriculture; Dental Sciences).


Please include any abbreviations in the article.


Should contain reason for the study, identify and discuss findings of others.

Materials & Methods

Apparatus used for the study and describes the method used for the data collections.

Results & Discussion

It should provide complete findings of the research using texts, Graphs, Charts and tables etc.

Conclusion / Final considerations

Should state the end of the research (or) status of the research.


Should contain affirmation of the individual, grant details, funds and conflict of interest.


Should provide references in the alphabetical order that are used in the study. References should follow MLA format & provide links for each and every reference and mention the reference numbers in the text part of the article.

Ex: Hernandez I et al. How relevant are flavonoids as antioxidants in plants? Trends in Plant Science 14(3): 125–132.  

Click here to download manuscript template


The Medicon Open Access Publishers is protected by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Corresponding authors provide the copyright and grants publishing rights to the publishers. This Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License allows anyone to read, copy and share the articles online with certain terms and conditions.

Process of Article Submission to Medicon

Medicon Open Access accepts all types of articles like Research Articles, Review Articles, Short Reports, Case studies, Methodology, etc.

Click on the article submission link

Enter all the required details

Then click Submit

Click on Online Manuscript submission

Within 48 hrs you will receive the Acknowledgement from the respective Journal. If in case author didn’t receive any mail, please mail us to