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Medicon Gynecology

The main focus of Medicon Gynaecology (MCGY) journal is to represent various women related topics in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Menopause, Infertility, General Gynecology, etc,. Obstetrics takes care of the issues related to pregnant females, from the time of conception till childbirth, providing prenatal care, management of pregnancy, and postpartum care. The specific theme of Gynaecology is to treat the Diseases and functions related to Girls and women mainly reproductive system.

Major subject areas of Gynaecology, but not restricted to following fields:

Obstetrics, Maternal Medicine, Oviduct and Placenta Pathology, Midwifery, Gynecological Urology, Fetal Medicine, Gynecological Endocrinology, Gynecological Oncology, Genitourinary Medicine, Reproductive Medicine, Prenatal Diagnosis, Uterus, Sexual Medicine, Cytopathology, Perinatology, Family Planning, Epidemiology, Vagina, Abdominal Imaging, Operative gynaecology, Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy, Breast cancer, Premature Rupture of Membranes, Pathology of the Vulva, Fetal Heart Rate Testing, Antiphospholipid Syndrome, Uterine Infection, Research into medical education, Update on Fetal Therapy, Postpartum Hemorrhage, Preterm Labor Induction of Labor, Infertility, Spontaneous Abortion, Post-term Pregnancy, Gynaecologic oncology, Normal Labor Operative Obstetrics, Diabetes in Pregnancy, Fetal Heart Monitoring, Community gynaecology, Fetal Growth Restriction, Vaginitis, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Women's health behaviours, Perinatal infections, Urinary Incontinence, Ovarian Cancer, New Treatments for Endometriosis, Reproductive endocrinology, Pregnancy Trauma, Pregnancy Diagnosis, Reconstructive Surgery, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Advances in Ultrasonography, Operative Gynecology, Menopause, Epidemiology, Reproductive toxicology, Reproductive health, Urogynaecology, Reproductive ethics, General gynaecology.

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