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1. All the users who are using the website must and should agree with the terms and conditions.

2. Otherwise if anyone disagrees with the terms and conditions then immediately one should stop the browsing of Medicon publisher's website.

3. Medicon publishers were protected by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international license.

4. The Articles such as Research, Review, Opinions, etc data published was completely owned by authors and it cannot be manipulated/attributed by the Publisher/Editors.

5. We do not share our content/website to any other third party, we keep it as private.

6. Medicon publishers did not allow the users to use the website for any unauthorized (or) illegal purpose.

7. The services which are provided by Medicon publishers can be used for Scientific Purpose only.

8. Medicon publishers is an open access which publishes all the articles online for which all the rights are reserved by the respective authors.

9. The copyright for the total content in the website belongs to Medicon publishers only.