Medicon Open Access publishers provide various types of memberships for professors, research fellows, authors, scientists, editors, reviewers, and students worldwide.

Benefits of Membership

  • Rapid publication process: There is no need of other formalities.

  • The main use of membership is one can publish numerous articles without much financial planning.

  • One more use is that author/organization members can publish their work in any of the Medicon open access journals.

  • Membership provides more spread ability to the society and research communit

Types of Membership

1. Individual / Student Membership

2. Institutional / University Membership

3. Industrial / Corporate Membership

Individual / Student Membership

Individual / Student Membership is applicable for students, post-doctoral fellows, scientists, research scholars, professors and several other categories related to research etc,.

Individual & Student membership will be provided with 45% waiver on the total APC.

Institutional / University Membership

This Membership is mainly applicable for researchers / persons from the concerned universities.

Institutional / University Membership will be provided with 45% waiver on the total APC.

Industrial / Corporate Membership

Medicon open access publishers provide membership for corporate companies and also sometimes they tie up with us. This will help to promote each other.


                    1 Year

 Individual / Student

                    $ 500

 Institutional / University

                    $ 1000

 Industrial / Corporate

                    $ 1500


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