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Articles/Manuscripts which are submitted to Medicon Open access Publishers undergo double-blinded peer review system. In this case the author and the reviewer are unknown to each other.

A peer -review process is an Evaluation of Scientific (or) Professional work by others who are working in the related fields.

Benefits of Peer-review System

  • Peer review system helps in evaluating the quality of the content and it also determines whether the submitted Article comes under the subject of the Journal or not.

  • The peer-review process provides feedback of manuscript, which helps the authors to increase the quality of the article.

  • This peer-review process minimizes the Errors in the manuscripts.

  • This process leads to a discussion between author/reviewer and editor about the topic.

  • This process helps to provide the article in journal format.

  • This peer review process mainly helps in maintaining the Journal guidelines and ethical standards.

  • Through this peer-review process it can be assured that the manuscript they are reading was verified by Expert reviewers.


1. First after submitting the manuscript it will undergo primary screening by the well reputed editors to ensure whether the submitted manuscript is suitable for publication or not.
2. We will send the article by removing all the author details, acknowledgements, conflict of interest to the reviewer along with the review form through the Email.
3. After peer-review process reviewers should suggest the following comments.

  • Publish without any changes.

  • Publish with minor revisions.

  • Publish after major revision

  • Revise and resubmit

  • Reject

1. The corresponding author of the Article has the right to raise a question against the decision made in the peer-review process.
2. After receiving the revised article it was again cross checked by the editor.
3. If the manuscript still requires modifications the manuscript is again sent to the author.
4. If accepted, then an Acceptance letter is sent to the author.
5. At this stage authors are requested to pay Article processing charges (APC), after paying APC, then we send the PDF and then online publication of the article.