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Medicon Nutritional Health

Medicon Nutritional Health (MCNH) is a multidisciplinary, international peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes original Research articles, Review articles, Case-report, Short communication, opinion, etc,. Which publishes articles on Health Nutrition Vitamins, Mineral Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Vitamins, Comparative Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Dietary Surveys, etc,.

Major subject areas of Nutrition, but not restricted to following fields:

Nutrition & Dietetics, Energy Balance, Optimum Nutrition, Macronutrients, Energy Balance, Empty calories, Nutriomics, Medical nutrition therapy, Nutrition transition, Medical food, Food Hygiene, Nutrition disorders, Food energy, Food science, Saprotrophic Nutrition, Lipoproteins, Carbohydrates, Food antioxidants, Dietary minerals, Nutraceuticals, Food processing industries, Diabetes mellitus, Prenatal nutrition, Nutrients, Nutritional Science, Functional Foods, Food processing engineering, Agri-food, Diabetes, Food chemistry, Overnutrition, Enzymes, Nutrigenomix, Food quality, Nutritional disorders, Food proteins, Organic Food, Eating habits, Family meal management, Optimum Nutrition, Food engineering, Clinical Nutrition and Practice, Organic nutrition, Food preservation, Molecular gastronomy, Sensory analysis, Food physics, Genetics on Nutrient handling, Balanced Eating, Impact of hormones, Food Intake and Nutritional Status, Nutrition requirements, Diet Therapy, GMO Food, Food technology, Nutritional immunology, Obesity, Weight Control, Metabolic Syndrome, Healthy diets, Food poisoning, Food analysis, Nutritional assessment, Cellular metabolism of nutrients, Food Addiction, Food allergies, Nutrition and food science, Nutrition Deficiency & Treatment, Malnutrition, Quality assurance/control, Animal nutrition, Food Intolerance, Food migration/scalping, Nutritional medicine, Probiotics, Nutritional toxicities, Food-nutrient interactions, Food toxicology, Nutritional neurosciences, Paediatric nutrition, Fish nutrition, Calorie intake and consumption, Nutritional quality of novel foods, Emergency disasters, Applied human nutrition, Genetically modified food, Nutrition policies, Nutritional methodologies, Nutrient physiology, Nutritional epidemiology, Fibers, Dietary strategies, Food regulatory affairs, Food security, Healthy eating Initiatives, Food rheology, Diets and Diseases, World problems in Nutrition.

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Latest Article

Rhopalosiphum padi is an important pest in agricultural production. In order to reduce the use of chemical pesticides and improve the control effect, the study reported the insecticidal activity of the crude extract from 18 strains Epichloë bromicola isolated from Elymus tangutorum. The results showed that the crude extract of E. bromicola displayed insecticidal activity against R. padi. The results showed that 6strains with good activity were strains 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 18, and their mortality rate (65%, 71.7%, 75%, 88.3%, 60%, and 70.0%) reached more than 60% at 48h. However, the five strains of 4, 13-15, and 17 had no insecticidal activity, but could promote the growth of R. padi. Among them, strain 7 had the best insecticidal activity at 48h, and the mortality rate reached 88.3%. At the same time, the mortality rate of 48h was significantly higher than that of 24h. In conclusion, the crude extract of strain 7 with significant insecticidal activity will be of great significance for the biological control of R. padi in the future.