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Comparism of Composite Jam Produced from Orange, Apple and Date Powder with Commercial Jam with Table Sugar

Adegbanke Omolara R, Chukwu Nkechinyere C and Liasu-Oni Gbohunmi E

Published: July 10, 2022

To live a healthy life style and be free from diseases, fruits must be incorporated in one’s daily food. Fruits are of high nutritional value and provide the body with the required daily allowance. They are highly perishable, but can be made into different products to make them available all year round. They can be processed into products which includes; fruit juice, jellies, marmalades, candies, fruit bars and jams. This study analyses jam produced using date powder and compared it with commercial jam produced using table sugar. The percentage compositions of the blends considered were 50%:50%; 70%:30%; 30%:70% of orange and apple pulps respectively with constant amount of date powder (50%). In addition to the pulp blends, 2.9% commercial pectin was added together with citric acid, and date powder. The entire mixture was heated at 120°C for 25 mins to enhance the viscosity of the blends. Proximate, microbial, physico-chemical analyses, sensory evaluation and Vitamin constituents of the experimental samples and the commercial jam were evaluated. The commercial jam was found best having higher scores in all the sensory parameters. However, in respect to proximate composition, the experimental samples had the highest in protein, ash, moisture, and fibre while the commercial jam only scored high in fat, carbohydrate. In respect to microbial count minimum fungal and bacterial growth, 1.00 cfu X 103 g-1 and 1.00 cfu X 105 g-1 respectively were recorded in the experimental samples at 3 weeks after production. The control sample had the highest value in vitamin A content (130.35mg/100g) and the least in vitamin C content (1.64mg/100g).The nutritional analysis and sensory evaluation obtained proved that the orange and apple jam samples made with date powder is a promising functional product which can be consumed by both young and adults.
Keywords: Orange; Apple; Date; Jam; Composite; Nutritional properties; Sensory analysis