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Medicon Cancer Biology

The Medicon Cancer Biology (MCCB) is a international, open access and peer-reviewed Journal Which aims to publish the articles on various themes of Cancer therapeutics, Cancer Biology, Cancer Nanotechnology, Radiology, Radiation Oncology, Radiation Therapy, Medical and Clinical Oncology, Cancer Cytology, etc,.  

Major subject areas of Cancer Biology, but not restricted to the following fields:

Cancer Immunology, Oncology, radiation biology, carcinogenesis, Molecular pathology, viral oncology, Lung Cancer, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gynecological Cancer, Cell biology, Cancer Research, Cell Cycle, Cancer Genes and Genomics, DNA Damage, Model Organisms, Cancer, Signaling and Regulation, Cancer research and treatment, Pediatric blood & cancer, early-stage cancers, Diagnose precancerous lesions, Difference between cancer cell and normal cell, breast disease, head and neck disease, Genitourinary disease, lung disease, integrated medicine, cancer cell biology, early Genitourinary detection and diagnosis, New Models, Targets for Chemoprevention, Computational Molecular Biology, Biology and biochemistry of cancer, Cancer Causes and Control, Anti-cancer agents, Anti-cancer Drugs, Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers, neuro-oncology, Cancer research, Clinical Cancer Research, Cancer stem cells, Cancer Microenvironment, Biotechnology, Gene Therapy, Immunohematology, tumor immunity, Immunologic deficiency states, Rheumatology, Cancer Biomarkers, Cancer Detection, Chondrosarcoma, Cancer Therapy, Cancer Cells, Mutagenesis, Molecular and cellular pathology, Prevention and epidemiology, Cancer antigens, Cancer Informatics, Cell and Tumor biology, Genetic profiling of cancer, Antibody-based cancer therapies, Gynaecologic cancer, Clinical aspects of cancer, Sarcoma, Cancer endocrinology, Liver cancer, Genitourinary cancer, Bone cancer, Benign tumours, Pediatric oncology, Oncogenes, Cancer image, Tumor markers, Radiotherapy, Clinical trials in oncology, Prostate cancer.

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  • Medicon Cancer Biology is an international, profound Journal which publishes Articles on various disciplines of Cancer Biology.
  • Publication certificate will be provided to author.
  • Rapid publication process.
  • Reasonable publication Fee. 
  • Immediate Acknowledgement to author after article accepted for peer review.
  • High visibility of published work.
  • Best Knowledge sharing platform.
  • Thorough Double Blinded peer review.

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