Medicon Engineering Themes (ISSN: 2834-7218)

Short Communication

Volume 3 Issue 1

Social Issues/Challenges Faced By Engineers in India

Mainak Ghosal*

Published: June 14, 2022

DOI: 10.55162/MCET.03.055

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India has the largest number of engineering graduates passing out every year when compared to the USA. But does our Engineering profession get recognized in the eyes of law? The answer is NO when compared to our Medical Professionals or Chartered Accountants or Architects. There is the Medical Council of India [1956] to regulate Doctors, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India [1949] to regulate Chartered Accountants, and the Council of Architecture [1972] to regulate Architects, and all of these professional bodies are protected by statutes or by an act of parliament. In most countries, e.g., Australia, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Singapore, Tanzania, USA, UK, etc., professions such as Engineers are invariably governed by an act or law of the Government.