Medicon Engineering Themes (ISSN: 2834-7218)

Review Article

Volume 2 Issue 4

Analysis and Application of Pavement Interlayer Properties

Chaohua Zhao1* and Kang Su2

Published: March 03, 2022

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The load varies with the thickness of the pavement, so there are different layers in pavement structures, between which interlayer interfaces contacting with each other inevitably in different modes. In this paper, based on investigation and analysis, the interlayer contact modes of pavement structures are classified as “interlayer coupling” and “interlayer connection”, which are defined according to their mechanical properties. Based on the existing ordinary cement concrete pavement, this paper analyzes the formation, development and evolution of interlayer coupling, and finds that the failure of interlayer coupling is the cause of early pavement damage. Cement pavement structure with isolating course is proposed as a method and countermeasure to eliminate these hazards, the feasibility of which is verified theoretically. Conditions and approaches achieving interlayer connection in pavement structures are proposed as well. Application of interlayer connection is introduced using a novel type of polymer skeleton porous concrete pavement structure as an example.