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Volume 4 Issue 4

IOT Poised for an Indian Boom

Bipul Jain and Satyajeet Patnayak*
CEO/Co-founder, Fydo - Shopping Made Easy, Lfyd Services Pvt. Ltd.
*Corresponding Author: Satyajeet Patnayak, CEO/Co-founder, Fydo - Shopping Made Easy, Lfyd Services Pvt. Ltd.

Published: March 29, 2023

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The Internet of Things impacted the Indian industry in a more thrilling way than expected. India realised the actual uses of this technology in the year 2020, and we all knew what happened during that year, "The Covid Pandemic". The IoT-based system has been in the market, most probably since 2009. 11 years is a long period to make a difference. However, we realised the true potential of a lot when we had limited resources and a limited workforce. So we needed more automation & quick Production of essentials. See everyone says that the pandemic has been a curse to all of us, but in my opinion, no it has not been one. Our industries optimised productivity, adopted precautionary measures for safety during this period, and built an overall safer environment for enterprise operations. This has enabled enterprises to take on loT-enabled management systems in 2022 Before the pandemic, only a few Jarge entrepreneurs knew about the lot-based management system which is quite easier than the old process. The previous year has brought a conscious realisation to small entrepreneurs and has led to a nationwide expansion of smart management and systems.

With the help of lot, India has been converting the nation into a digitalized state-of-the-art nation, lot has been assisting us in improving efficiencies and economies on both small and large scales The year 2020 has done only a few good things. It initiated the use of the lot in the Indian industry which I think is a digital revolution and a new pillar for our digital infrastructure. The years of trial and error system have led major entrepreneurs to realise the importance of a smart management system that can take them farther than the pre-existing system they were using in the past. It's capable of making management effective, efficient, and efficacious. The Indian industries, even though slow, are consistently transforming and turning from manual operations to automation. The year 2021 can be expected to be revolutionary for enterprises adopting an IoT-based enterprise system concerning those who are still moving forward with the traditional method.