Research Articlevolume 2 Issue 5

Intelligent Load Shedding Strategy based on Fuzzy Logic Control (ILSF)

Mahmoud A.M. AlShurafa1 and Sali Issa2*

Published: April 06, 2022

DOI : 10.55162/MCET.02.035


Microgrid (MG) is a new form of electrical power grid, combined from different Distribution Sources, MGcan work as a power source or power load in two different operation mode: grid-connected mode and stand-alone mode, one of the main challenges which can be faced in the stand-alone mode is achieving the power balance between the produced power by MG sources and consumed power by MG loads, Load Shedding (LS) is a strategy which can be used for accomplish that balance. This paper emphasis an Intelligent Load Shedding based Fuzzy Logic Control (ILSF), Due to the benefits of Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC), it’s used for controlling the shedding process of different MG loads according to the Solar Power Forecasting Data. The proposed control system procedures are illustrated and simulated, the results demonstrate the robustness and flexibility of ILSF system.