Medicon Engineering Themes (ISSN: 2834-7218)

Short Communication

Volume 2 Issue 4

Possibility of ?Bumanoid (Biologically-humanoid)? After Success in Natural Farmed Intelligence (NFI)

Md Sadique Shaikh*

Published: March 31, 2022

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This my second research letter in continuation of first one based on NFI. And here further I am expanding it with Application “Bumanoid”. Let me first recall you again “Natural Farmed Intelligence (NFI)” than after approach how to Bumanoid possible using NFI. As using material physics and electronics we mimic and engineer A.I from N.I with the help of neuroscience equally true and possible using Biology, Synthetic Biology and Neuroscience we mimic and engineer N.I itself to form External N.I that is similar like our human brain with N.I inside our skull can we able to farm same biological brain outside the human body using “Brain Cells” and the answer is Big “Yes”. Even researchers in “Petri Dish” also known as Petri Plate/Cell-culture Dish widely used in all walks of biological experiments to store, manipulate, engineer and performance check of cells, hence Brain cells manipulated and engineered in Petri Dish to form Human Brain like Natural Intelligence (N.I). This farmed neural schema in Petri Dish is N.I which is the great contribution to mankind and reported this little brain cells in Petri dish programmed and learn to them few games and results astonish its play the game 10 times faster than Artificial Intelligence. Hence today humankind just engineered and stored single “Neural Schema” network of brain cells and learn them to play chess which beat to A.I as one small unit in Petri Dish will be tomorrow hopes to farm complete human brain (N.I) outside using synthetic biology and I named the technology “Natural Farmed Intelligence (NFI)”. When mankind got success to farm NFI means got success to fabricate “External Biological/Natural Human Brain outside the skull and human body with full fledge and exact same abilities, efficiencies, capabilities and activities like our brain inside the body in near future and we just need either Biological or Electronic-Mechanical Human-like to fix this NFI-Brain inside and wired it with body I named the outcome Bumanoid”. After the success of NFI-Brain two types of its implementation possible to serve as “Bumanoid (Biologically-Humanoid)”. The first one for this externally farmed natural intelligence NFI-Brain we engineer and farm Biological organs, human body parts and complete human body structure using “Human Anatomy, DNA studies and Synthetic Biology and synch NFI Brain inside with it to activate and functional body as “Bumanoid”. This type of Bumanoid exactly look like human beings and difficult to recognize. The second one is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) we are reaching to success in Humanoid Robots here we can reengineer Humanoid instead of AI based brain and replacement , synch and wired NFI-Brain inside in Humanoid Robots called them Bumanoid which are easily recognize and distinguish from Human.