Medicon Engineering Themes (ISSN: 2834-7218)


Volume 3 Issue 3

Modeling and Simulation - An Approach for Redefining the System

Ritesh Ramesh Palkar1* and Surabhi Rushabhakumar Gosavi2

Published: August 06, 2022

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The basic needs for the human being to survive are food, clothes and shelter. In addition to these the regime has been broadening as per the demand. There are many desired products which are being manufactured using different processes. One of the essential processing unit is environment itself, where many processes are observed simultaneously. The earth is filled with lots of wonderful resources which are mostly used to support the human ecosystem. However with increase in the global population, the available resources seems to be limited. The conventional processes are utilized to produce the goods and products with monotonous production approach. There are many unsolved issues which might have increased the capacity along with the efficiency of the system. Due to increase in demand of desired products, production houses are running continuously without proper maintenance which hazards to the environment. The major concern is to maintain the demand and supply ratio, irrespective of the production domain. Inline to this, the present article is trying to focus on the hazard mitigation. The development of any process has to pass through several steps. It starts with identification of the resources to obtain the desired product. In addition to this there are several catalysts needs to be considered, for altering the desired or undesired situations.