Opinionvolume 2 Issue 5

The ?Ivermectin? to South Africa?s Educational Landscape

Pariksha Singh*, Ciska Snyman and Jayshree Harangee

Published: April 29, 2022


Globalisation is making the threats we face more intertwined. In addition to the COVID-19 outbreak crossing international borders, South Africa is experiencing devastating floods. Despite its diversity, it has affected everyone, regardless of nationality, education level, income level, and gender. Despite this, the repercussions have disproportionately impacted the most disadvantaged. Education is no different. With the help of parents coupled with the desire to learn, students from wealthy homes may be able to make their way past restricted higher education institutes to other learning prospects. When institutions shifted fully online, those from low-income families were disadvantaged. These disasters have brought several shortcomings and inequities in our educational institutions, ranging from a scarcity of access to the internet, connectivity issues, and computers required for online learning to the absence of supportive surroundings needed to engage with learning to a mismatch of resources and necessities.