Medicon Engineering Themes (ISSN: 2834-7218)

Review Article

Volume 2 Issue 2

Application of Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering to Create a New World of Changqing Oilfield

Jiajun Sun

Published: January 31, 2022

DOI: 10.55162/MCET.02.012

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A small oil field has been unknown in the past 30 years, why in the last 10 years it created an amazing miracle in China and even in the global oil industry? To answer this question scientifically, you have to have a scientific theory. In terms of depth and breadth of this problem, undoubtedly the most scientific theory is systems engineering theory; and from the perspective of oilfield production growth referred to on this issue, the most appropriate theory is man-machine-environment system engineering (MMESE) theory. Changqing oilfield applied MMESE to develop low-permeability reservoirs with extraordinary results, proving the value of MMESE.
Keywords: Application; MMESE; Changqing oilfield