Review Articlevolume 2 Issue 5

A Complete Assessment of Tribo-corrosive Behaviour of CI Engine Using Emulsified Dual Fuel Bio-Diesel Blend

Sajan Chourasia*, NimeshGajjar, Harshal Oza and Nirav Joshi

Published: April 29, 2022

DOI : 10.55162/MCET.02.040


Biodiesel is relatively higher corrosive compare to Diesel. Biodiesel is self-oxidation in nature. The current investigations are to determine the tribological and corrosive behavior of biodiesel and their dual biodiesel emulsified fuel blend on CI engine vital parts (i.e., Piston, Valves, Cylinder liner, Cylinder head, Fuel pump, Bearings). The emulsified fuel was made from dual biodiesel (i.e., Neem and Palm) with Diesel and water. The tribological and corrosive effects were performed on metal surfaces of Copper, Aluminum, and Iron. These metals were selected based on the base composition of engine vita parts. A static immersion test was conducted for corrosion for 150 days at room temperature and for tribology, a pin-on-disc apparatus test was performed. These test also includes scanning electron microscopic, weight, dimension and physical visualization analysis of corroded and wornout metal surfaces. To identify the cause of the corrosion, wear on the metal surface, the Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry test has been conducted. This test will also help to determine the chemical composition of the test fuels. It has been observed that biodiesels have good anti-wear properties in comparison to Diesel and emulsified fuel. On the other hand, Diesel and emulsified fuel show good corrosive properties compare to biodiesels.