Editorialvolume 2 Issue 5

One International Platform Two Engineering Papers

Sun Jiajun*

Published: April 01, 2022

DOI : 10.55162/MCET.02.033


There is an engineer in Changqing Oilfield, his name is Sun Jiajun. In February of this year, his paper titled “Applying Human-Machine-Environment System Engineering to Create a New World in Changqing Oilfield” was published by the Medicom Engineering Journal. This paper uses the perspective of a witness and applies the famous scientist Qian Xuesen. A theory founded by leading my country’s aerospace science and technology personnel - Human-Machine-Environmental System Engineering, provides a theory, data and a high degree of explanation for the fact that Changqing Oilfield has achieved leapfrog growth in oil and gas production over the past ten years; In March of this year, his other paper titled “Universality, Major Harm and Deep Causes of Irrational Engineering Duration” was published again by the Medicon Engineering Journal. A comprehensive commentary with a theoretical framework is given on historical achievements, huge progress and realistic gaps; for the irrational engineering construction period problem of the infrastructure maniac, its historical reasons are analyzed, its universality is pointed out, and the causes of the problem are analyzed. The hazard is quantitatively analyzed, and the underlying reasons for the existence of the problem and the path selection to promote its improvement are pointed out at the same time.

What kind of platform is Medicon? Medicon in history is a manufacturer founded in Germany that supplies high-end medical devices to the world. Now Medicon has the world’s largest medical research database. Medicon open access is an internationally renowned scientific literature publishing group. , Medicon Engineering Themes (MCET), is a world-renowned knowledge exchange platform dedicated to publishing engineering scientific papers. Engineers from all walks of life around the world regard publishing a paper on this platform as a anhonor.

Anyone who is familiar with Sun Jiajun in Changqing Oilfield knows that his theoretical level and Chinese expression ability are not a problem. Don’t worry about this, as long as the native-language papers are of a high standard, Medicon’s strong and professional human-machine translation team can fully provide an English text equivalent to the original text, and in some places even the English text is even better. Superior to native language texts.