Medicon Pharmaceutical sciences

Editorial Note

Volume 2 Issue 2

Rasayana Drugs in Ayurveda

Vinay R Kadibagil

Published: February 05, 2022

DOI: 10.55162/MCPS.22.031

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Entire living organisms will be attacked by agents which lead to diseases. Even smallest organism like bacteria have their own system for fighting against infection by viruses. This mechanism of self-defencing will be more complicated as organism becomes more advanced. The present infections need not just anti-microbial action but also should increase the immunity in a person. This is an approach and way to be adopted in the present scenario. Rasayana herbs refill the lost nutrients and enhance virility. In the present days, the whole process seems to be quite tedious and laborious and so a more balanced approach for proper utilization of Rasayana drugs is necessary for current society (Conboy, Edshteyn, & Garivaltis, 2009; Mahdihassan, 1981; Puri, 2003b; Sharma, Chandola, Singh, & Basisht, 2007; Shukla, 1971).