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Volume 2 Issue 1

Simulation with FlexSim an alternative to apply the M/M/C Model in a post COVID service system

Published: Published: January 04, 2022

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Simulation with FlexSim an alternative to apply the M/M/C Model in a service system. Introduction. The study includes a literary review, model and simulation concepts, applications, the FlexSim characterization and the M / M / C model, that is, multiple channels. Objective. Address key concepts related to the use of FlexSim software within a simulation model in a service process where decisions can be made based on the study of queuing theory. Method. After performing the goodness-of-fit test for Poisson, it was determined that the arrival distribution to the line of people every hour does comply with a Poisson-type distribution because its Chi-square test reaches a value of 0.92 which represents that it is well above the coefficient of 0.5. Therefore, the exact probability of finding n arrivals during a certain time T can be found, if the process is random, as is the case of the cooperative, Results. The average number of clients in the queue waiting to be served, giving a reduction from 1.04 to 0.14 clients, so it is understood that, if the increase in servers in the cooperative were applied, this would cause that queues are generated in the system, since its L_q is 0.14 clients.
Keywords: Customers; Distribution; Model; Simulation; Queuing theory