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Volume 1 Issue 3

Removal of oxytetracycline in pharmaceutical Effluents by using synthetic adsorbents Citation: Aqsa

Aqsa S, Madiha B and Mohammad N

Published: November 01, 2021.

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Simple, accurate, fast, and economical method for removal of OTC in Pharma wastewater has been developed. The procedure is based on the adsorption mechanism which leads to the spectrophotometry. Bentone -34 clay is used as an adsorbent for removal of OTC. 0.1 N HCl was used as a mobile phase. The elute was determined spectroscopically, with a Cecil CE 2041 UV/VIS spectrophotometer, in a 1-cm Cuvette cell at wavelength range 190-1100 nm, with resolution 0.5 nm. The linear calibration curve was established in the concentration range 0.214-1.070 mg/mL of OTC. From the analyzed data the following results for parameters were obtained linearity correlation R2> 0.9984), accuracy
(Recovery = 91-98%), sensitivity (LOD = 42.3 mg/mL; LOQ = 48.3 mg/mL), and precision (RSD ≥ 2.0%) in the respective linear concentration ranges. The method is successfully applied for the removal of OTC as the tested sample improves ICH parameters like accuracy, sensitivity, precision.