Medicon Pharmaceutical sciences

Research Article

Volume 1 Issue 3

Formulation and Evaluation of Antimicrobial Hair Gel from Abrus Precatorius

Arunadevi Birajdar, Ragini Rajmane, Sulbha Bhoyte, Megharani Bhosale, Prapti Bhusare, Shivani Bodhale and Sandip Devkate

Published: November 01, 2021.

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Herbal cosmetics are the preparations used to enhance the human appearance. The aim of the present research was to formulate safe medicinal formulations from herb Abrusprecatorius for the purpose of treatment of alopecia and antimicrobial activity. Abrusprecatorius Linn. Popularly known as Crab’s eye is a slender, woody perennial climber reported to have antioxidant, antibacterial, cytotoxic, anti-diabetic, anti-tubercular and anti-plasmodic activities. The current investigation was carried out to evaluate the hair growth enhancing potentiality of aqueous extract of Abrusprecatorius leaf. It is potent hair growth promotor and suggested to be an effective to synthesis hair growth promotor.

Keywords: Abrusprecatorius Linn; Antimicrobial; Hair gel; Alopecia