Medicon Pharmaceutical sciences


Volume 1 Issue 2

Role of Pharma Industry in Pandemic

R Hema

Published: October 01, 2021.

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For thousands of years, pharmaceuticals have been utilised to cure diseases. Pharmaceutical firms are continuously pursuing novel therapies to help people live longer and more healthy lives. A huge strain on the pharmaceuticals sector arose in 2019 when the new kind of corona virus arose. Pharmaceutical firms and other healthcare professionals are in the frontline in the fight against any pandemic. As healthcare practitioners learned how the virus should be treated, pharmaceutics providers examined whether current medicines may aid to treat people with COVID-19, possible novel treatments to assist reduce the symptoms, long-term consequences and vaccine manufacturing. Since then, several efforts have been developed to produce a vaccine against corona virus. Several companies have worked hard to create and expand the production of COVID-19 vaccines in order to provide and continue to support people across the world.