Medicon Pharmaceutical sciences

Letter to Editor

Volume 1 Issue 1

The Fear of COVID-19 and Increasing Suicide Rate in India

Rahul Kohli

Published: September 07, 2021.

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The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has affected the physical and mental health in many cities and regions in India. During this period, where the healthcare system of India is trying hard to deal with the pandemic, the country has undergone mass unemployment, increasing flexibility and non-standardized forms of employment, cuts in wages and other benefits, and growing poverty or social inequalities. In addition, lockdown due to the disease has resulted in a major global recession arising as an economic consequence of the pandemic [1]. As observed in previous pandemics [2-4], the unpredictable consequences and uncertain future, as well as misinformation and disinformation about the disease, is impacting the mental health of both infected and non-infected populations.