Medicon Pharmaceutical sciences

Short Communication

Volume 1 Issue 1

Chemometrics and its Relations with Medicinal and Metabolomic Chemistry

Marcos aurelio gomes da silva

Published: September 07, 2021.

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At present, humanity is experiencing a Cultural Revolution characterized by technological advances and the intense flow of information, comparing impact on the emergence of agriculture approximately 10 thousand Years and the Industrial Revolution started in the 18th century. Some innovations technological developments in the last three decades have led to a new form to think about biological systems and, mainly, to research them. At biological area, the starting point of this revolution was called the genomic era being characterized by the development, standardization, and optimization of genetic engineering techniques. Genomic assays have evolved rapidly, and the immense volume of genetic data made it possible to deepen analysis of temporal and spatial variations in the accumulation of trans-proteins, proteins and metabolites.