Medicon Agriculture & Environmental Sciences (ISSN: 2972-2691)


Volume 6 Issue 4

Consideration of the Essential Theme of Science Articles

Sunao Sugihara*
Shonan Institute of Technology, Department of Human Environment, Fujisawa, Japan
*Corresponding Author: Sunao Sugihara, Shonan Institute of Technology, Department of Human Environment, Fujisawa, Japan.

Published: April 08, 2024

DOI: 10.55162/MCAES.06.167

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Regarding the medical or chemistry of the omicron virus, I usually go back to the amino acids of the spike protein vs. the formed protein by the virus, along with bonding strength between atoms in the chemical compounds.

The most challenging theme is to relate brain biology to medicine or disease, and I always think about the cause in view of substance, even if we do not understand it. The method is an estimation of the substance(s) to the disease or remedy and considers the mechanisms with physics (Medicon Medical Sciences 2.4 (2022): 11-20). It is successful when the estimation connects to evidence; here is the example of cerebral infarction, which involves injecting electrons onto acupuncture points through the instrument. (Medicon Agriculture & Environmental Sciences 2.2 (2022): 13-20. & Medicon Medical Sciences 3.6 (2022): 20-26).

Another example is chemical reduction; hydrogen oxidizes to water, which is how we form hydrogen gas. I use hydrogen as an elementary particle. We have developed a new device to form hydrogen (EC Agriculture 6.1 (2020): 01-08.). We employ basic science and then apply it to the rice plant in the field. We face the oxidized conditions for fruits and vegetables daily, like climate change.

Furthermore, I suggest using the computer simulation with the molecular orbital method (Bulletin Soc. Discrete Variational Xα potential 22 (2009): 284- 291), leading to the development of an advanced material because we can know the band structures forming conductive substance or insulator before we manufacture the material (Advances in Quantum Chemistry, Vol.54. Elsevier, 2008). Here is an engineering theme: It seems complicated to form a resist film (micro meter order in the thickness) for a semiconductor substrate because of the solvent quality, temperature, atmosphere in air pressure, etc. From the macroscopic standpoint, energy (electric power) should be prompt to proceed with sustainable energy sources, not mega order of solar and wind power.

We must not promote water power electricity to construct dams that destroy a river environment and generate geothermal power to dig a mountain, resulting in three to four km in a mountainside depth.

We need local promotion for local consumption, even on a small scale with higher costs initially. Small water power generation methods are micro water-power with recycling water due to motors for water from a tank having less friction because of the small size of the water. Furthermore, the total system includes an electric generator in a system, small-scale solar and wind power, and fuel cells using hydrogen genderized by pico-sized water. Thermoelectricity using thermoelectric semiconductors is for a sensor and a temperature controller because the efficiency is small.

Such a system for sustainable energy can be employed for an agricultural house depending on the scale of necessary power generation.

It is necessary to build a total system for sustainable energy generation in an agricultural house where we collect every electric power generation. Here, all engineering for electricity introduces basic science discussed in biological, chemical, and physical sense.

From the microscopical and quantum system, it is better to indicate the mathematical expression for energy eigenstate qualitatively or quantitatively; here is an example, “Spin and Charge Collaborating in pico-particle Hydrogen of Water" (Medicon Engineering Themes 5.1 (2023): 17-23).