Medicon Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Research Article

Volume 3 Issue 6

Seed Maintenance, performance evaluation and multiplication of Eri Silk Worm Strain sat different seasons in Sidama national region state, Ethiopia

Dinku Negash*, Metasebia Terefe and Worku Bedek

Published: December 06, 2022

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     The rearing performance of different eco-races of eri silkworm were undertaken in Sidama region during 2018 to 2021). In this experiment Eri Marked, Eri Green, Eri 3.4 and eri yellow was analyzed by the following parameters viz. hatching (%), larval weight (g), larval duration and total life cycle (d), larva weight, single cocoon weight (SCW) , larva survivability and disease incidence. Thus, different silkworm strains showed statistical significant silkworm characteristic ranges in different locations which include egg hatchability (62.61% to 89.00%), larval duration (20.67days to 25.83 days), total life cycle duration (50.49 days to 74.00 days), single weight of larva (4.427 grams to 8.155 grams), effective rate of rearing (60.11% to 93.67%), single cocoon weight (1.848 grams to 2.903 grams), single shell weight (0.251 grams to 0.418 grams) and silk ratio (13.06 to 15.05%). However, a Vietnamese eri silkworm strain known by Eri-3.4 have showed an outstanding performance compared to other strains in all the locations especially in cocoon parameters. Therefore, it is recommended for future research and development efforts on eri silkworms in Ethiopia.

Keywords: Eri silkworm strains; rearing performance; cocoon