Medicon Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Research Article

Volume 3 Issue 6

Adoption of Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) in Paddy and Ascertain its Rationality

Padma SR*, and P Jagadeshwaran

Published: December 06, 2022

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     The indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) system has been developed by the people based on their experiences and continuous improvement through informal experimentation over centuries. These ITK are interwoven and assimilated in the cultural life of the people. The integration of Rural People's Knowledge with research and extension system is advocated, as neither of them is capable of solving many micro level problems in a cost-effective way. In Tamil Nadu, the southern most state of India, many of the worthful traditional agricultural Knowledge are still practiced by the farmers.

     The knowledge of traditional agriculture not only be documented, but also be encouraged and helped to take rightful place in the context of modern knowledge. The study was carried out in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. It aimed to document the ITK in the study area with 120 paddy farmers. The study documented the various ITKs of paddy cultivation from the selection of seeds, seed treatment, nursery preparation, main field preparation, irrigation, weed management, nutrient management, and pest management. ITKs have been recorded and their rationality was assessed by discussed with the Scientist of specialization.

Keywords: Indigenous Knowledge; Traditional Knowledge; Paddy; Tamil Nadu; Rationality