Short Communicationvolume 2 Issue 5

Climate Change and Pakistan- A Short Review

Um ul Banin Zahra1* and Adnan Hussain2

Published: April 30, 2022


A change in global or regional climate pattern is called climate change. It is a global, serious and permanent threat to the whole world. In general, lack of rainfall, long summer, shorten winter, floods, droughts etc are occurring due to climate changes, these changes may be due to deforestation, increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), increase methane levels or increased water vapor levels. Similarly gases also enhance the level of climate change. When the sun rays fall on the earth, the earth reflect those rays back which keeps the earth temperature under control but if the average amount of the gas is too high, it will absorb the rays into the ground which causes the temperature to rise this is also called the green house effect. The Pakistan meteorological department released a report in 2019 in which they said that rainfall in august 2019 decreased by 47% as compared to august 2018. Overall the country has received 28% less rainfall and the only reason is said to be climate change.