Research Articlevolume 2 Issue 5

Assessing Antibiotics Misconducting Impacts on Environmental Sustainability

Mohammed A Alsanad1*, Ahmed IH Ismail2,3, Abdulrahman M Almadini4

Published: April 30, 2022

DOI : 10.55162/MCAES.02.033


The current study aims to assess the impacts of improper use and conduct of antibiotics on environmental sustainability as well as human health and the community perceptions in KSA towards such issues adopting the Eastern province as a case study. The study involved a sample of 325 individuals that were randomly selected and surveyed from the community of the province. They questionnaires were explicitly designed on basis of direct contact and interviews. Obtained data were analyzed using SPSS software program following proper statistical formats. The findings of the study revealed that most of the respondents were unprivileged in their perceptions to proper use and conduct of antibiotics, knowledge about use guidelines, and the negative impact of antibiotic misuses and misconducts on environment, with a high correlation value (r2=0.872). Thus, there are sincere needs to a strategy to improve their concepts towards such aspects. The proposed strategy ought to involve extensive extension programs and setting and implementing legislations to regulate handling processes of antibiotics in the country. Success of these legislations however requires full collaboration between all related sectors. It is therefore conceived that these findings are valuable to sustain the environment in the KSA in line with the national 2030 strategy.