Research Articlevolume 2 Issue 5

Application of Agro-Waste in Bioremediation of Crude Oil Polluted Soil from Agip Oil Spill Sites at Abecheke Ohaji-Egbema Local Government Area of IMO State

Chinenye Anthonia Ezenwa1*, Arinze Jude Chinweuba1, Chinedu Chibuzor Onuorah2 and Adindu


Published: April 30, 2022

DOI : 10.55162/MCAES.02.032


The potential effects of using organic agro-waste as bioremediation material for the detoxification of crude oil contaminated soil from Agip crude oil spill sites at Abecheke Ohaji-Egbema local government area of Imo state was carried out. Cassava and Plantain peels were used by either addition of Cow dung, Poultry droppings or Pig slurry as inoculants. The blending ratio for the samples are A (Soil 2kg, Cassava 3kg, Pig slurry 0.5kg), B (Soil 1.5kg, Cassava 1.5kg, Poultry droppings 0.5kg) C (Soil 1.5kg, Cassava 3kg, Cow dung 0.5kg), D (Soil 2kg, Plantain 3kg, Pig slurry 0.5kg) and sample E (Untreated contaminated sample) which served as control. The samples were isolated into four different zip lock nylon and left for 90 days after which the samples were analyzed for some selected physico-chemical properties. The total hydrocarbon content of the samples reduced from 3657mg/kg in the untreated soil sample to 1282mg/kg in the decreasing order of (E>D>C>B>A) due to the metabolic activities of living organisms involved in the biodegradation process. The mineralization activities of the biodegradation organism improved the pH, nitrogen, moisture and organic carbon content of the treated samples. Electrical conductivity, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and potassium were reduced due to their utilization by living organisms. The percentage of sand, silt and clay remained the same across all the samples except for percentage of sand in samples B and C that was slightly reduced while the percentage of clay and silt in sample B witnessed slight increment, the texture remained constant across board. Higher level of crude oil biodegradation occurred in cassava peels and pig slurry blend, therefore the use cassava peels mixed with other agro-waste should be encouraged as bioremediation agent of crude oil polluted sites.