Medicon Medical Sciences (ISSN: 2972-2721)

Review Article

Volume 6 Issue 6

A Review of The Quality - Reliability and Validity - of Student/Teacher Evaluation Report Instruments

Ricardo Rodriguez*
University of the Southern Caribbean, Trinidad West Indies
*Corresponding Author: Ricardo Rodriguez, University of the Southern Caribbean, Trinidad West Indies.

Published: June 08, 2024

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Teacher evaluation forms in their current format are not useful appraisal instruments for performance testing and improving academic courses. These tools fall short in accuracy, validity and reliability in their design. A more useful approach should visit the potential for interactions between factor levels within the instrument together with hypothesis testing for variations in the mean responses solicited from the subjects which can harbor latent errors, misconceptions and imperfections in the findings.

A two-way policy agreement between teacher and student is therefore proposed in this paper for sign off by both teacher and student. The agreement is then tested for violations from both parties and whether there is any bias in the responses.

A statistical analysis is adopted to test the significance in the population differences in the means of dependent variables of choice in the instrument and for variance in the means of the factor levels used in the instrument. Logistic regression is finally instituted for self- test evaluation to determine the odds of a good performance rating (from a teacher), if you are a teacher over if you are not (student) for the same policy instrument. The scores for the teacher from the student on the teacher’s instrument and the scores the teacher gives himself from the same teacher’s instrument are compared.

The final product offers schools and universities an improved method for justifying students’ evaluation of their lecturers while allowing the lecturers to evaluate themselves and can be extended for use in business organizations for conducting appraisals of workers. The instrument’s reliability and validity are also tested as a quality control measure.

Keywords: Teacher evaluation; statistical analysis; odds ratio; appraisal instruments; quality control