Medicon Medical Sciences (ISSN: 2972-2721)


Volume 6 Issue 2

What is the New Situation of the COVID-19 and How Treat It?

Sunao Sugihara*
Shonan Institute of Technology, Department of Human Environment, Fujisawa, Japan
*Corresponding Author: Sunao Sugihara, Shonan Institute of Technology, Department of Human Environment, Fujisawa, Japan.

Published: February 05, 2024

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     We back to 2019 in the world by SARS-CoV-2 which was acute respiratory disease. I calculated the cumulative confirmed COVID-19 cases according to WHO data. The increasing data for one year period from January 2023 up to the present; Japan:15.7%, China:14.0%, India:0.76%. In Europa; France 2.3, Germany 2.8, UK 2.7%, 4% in USA, 0 % in Australia, and 8.9% in Russia each country.

     Due to limited testing, the number of confirmed cases may be lower than the true number of infections depending on the country’s situation.

     Now we must back to Jan. in 2020, then they reported only China and Europa, 45 and 2 million infected number, respectively. After that we experienced more than three times of the number during 2021 to 2022 in the world, 2.6 times to 2023, then less than 1.1 from Jan. in 2023 to 2024.

     The big causes of the pandemic of the COVID-19 may be the transportation worldwide. In Japan, the Japanese government decided the regulatory message was changed to the lower limitation like the class, No. 5 in June of 2023.

And, influenza is a common contagious disease during winter time, so I regard the pandemic timing has been overlapped.

     Furthermore, a virus might change to a certain variant from the COVID-19.

     According to WHO dashboard (World, 26 November 2023), the 67 % of percentage of total population vaccinated with a complete primary series of a COVID-19 vaccine.

     So, I require the medical researchers describing the amino acid in the spike protein, so that we can estimate what protein a virus wants to make another amino acid like D614G as reported previously. What we can recognize is to change aspartic acid, D of the number 614 to glycine, G by a COVID-19 virus.

     Therefore, a virous scholar named D614G virus, and is called a lambda variant. Aspartic acid in the central nervous system is a kind of neurotransmitter playing for the N-methyl D aspartate receptor (NMDA) as the agonist. Glycine is also the same as aspartic acid. The NMDA exists in cerebrum cortex, cerebellum, and spinal cord.

     Another example is there is the variant of N501Y, then there appeared E484K in Brazil (Nov. 2020), after that delta which is the variant of SARS-CoV-2 in India (Oct. 2020). We recognize E; glutamic acid changed to K; Lysine on the amino acid of the number 484 by the virus.

     The human being struggles with a virus because it escapes from immunity after vaccination. So, SARS-CoV-2 might generate another variant to COVID-19.

     That is why I request the identifying the name of spike protein and formation of amino acid with virus so that we can estimate the characteristics of a virus precisely. They called a virus like L<452>R; L, leucine, and R; arginine.

     F<486>V; phenylalanine, and V; valine.

     The lambda variant has three variant types L452Q, F490S, and D614G of a spike protein. involving in the receptor, and may contribute to their transfer improvement resulting in easier reinfection and decreasing function of vaccine.

      Researchers assume these opinions from the level of RNA or DNA relating to ammino acids. From viruses’ side, they figure out to generate a variant which is the strength of microorganism since creation of the Earth. Furthermore, viruses are alive or not. This is truth or not. We are still not sure what the life or “alive” definition is. They cannot live without animal or human’s protein and parasitize.

     Does it mean they do not exist in the air or water?

     Back to our main theme, what the occupational duties of researcher or scientist are should be discussed focusing on the basic scientific approach for any science.

Regarding to concrete of the viruses, our body is a matter as well as our food, unless virus is alive or not in scientific sense.

     So, amino acid is also matter, and we can treat this matter in physics and chemistry. Now what is the biology? We can handle a matter of a plant, animal, fishes and so on. However, if we treat it focusing on a brain even animal, biology surely has deeper meanings. I am not a professional in biology, so I will stop discuss the point.

     What I want to say is a chemical bond strength in a configuration of its molecule.

     Amino acid forms an element of C, N and H including O. In some amino acid, it contains S like methionine, and cysteine. This is wonder why sulfur exists in two kinds of amino acid. The original organic living on the Earth is said photosynthetic bacteria containing S because of sun-light accessed to the bottom of Sea since CO2 on the Earth was absorbed. This is a scientific imagination.

     Now we discuss the chemical bond strength between every element in amino acid calculated with a molecular orbital method using the discreated variable Xα potential. For instances, we can arrange like C-N, C-C (3.5 eV), N-H, C-O, C-H (4.1 eV), O-H, C=C, C=N (6.4) and C=O (8.3eV) in order from week energy toward stronger binding, then what kind molecules a virus forms. Corresponding to this information, we can estimate what kind of amino acids virus wants. If a virus forms a molecule which increases C-N, C-C and C-H rather than C=C, C=N and C=O, the virus may attach the respiratory organs of human body.

     Therefore, researching focuses on the physical, chemical, and biological viewpoints resulting in the mechanism associating with physics, and chemical reactions, and our body. This information will be able to connect to development of vaccine against a variant.