Medicon Medical Sciences (ISSN: 2972-2721)

Editorial Note

Volume 5 Issue 3

Doctors between Corona and The Media

Salah Mahdi Ferhan Abbas Alazzawi*
Department of Pediatric, Al Hussein Pediatric Hospital in center of AlQadissiyah Governorate, Iraq
*Corresponding Author: Salah Mahdi Ferhan Abbas Alazzawi, Department of Pediatric, Al Hussein Pediatric Hospital in center of AlQadissiyah Governorate, Iraq.

Published: August 30, 2023

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The Corona epidemic, which spread all over the world, was a major test for the credibility of the media and social communication, as these means, from the point of view of many, failed in this test. Note that the audience of these means bears a large part of that responsibility.

Since the crisis began with the spread of the virus in China, and then its transmission to other countries, it has become clear on many social media platforms that there is something like a state of collective panic, which many of the pioneers of these platforms promote because some deliberately highlight the dark side, and the details of cases who are dead, which deepens the already existing state of fear, and there are others who sought to benefit from the crisis by promoting fake medicines, which they claimed were treating the Corona epidemic.

The French News Agency indicated in its report that some of these drugs can cause harm if used improperly.

In this context, Roger Musi, in an article in the "New Statesman" magazine, refers to the emergence of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) during the crisis, and how people rushed to it as a reliable public service, reassuring its news. The writer says that the crisis showed how BBC is a necessity and must be protected. The writer adds, " there seems to be a hunger during this crisis for reliable facts that reassure all those who have been stricken with hysteria due to the inaccurate information that is rife with social media". He continued: "It is during such critical times that the BBC as a public service has the opportunity to prove its secret to survival".