Medicon Medical Sciences (ISSN: 2972-2721)

Case Report

Volume 5 Issue 3

Persistent Nausea and Vomiting S/P Bariatric Surgery: A Case Report

lhan Abdi1, Rajesh Aithagoni1, Sailaja Nandennagari1, Preethi Annam1*, Rabia Arafah2, Reshma Annam3 and Lakshmi Sree Thambireddy4
1Avalon University School of Medicine, Curacao
2Oceania University of Medical School, Philippines
3Windsor University School of Medicine, St. Kitts
4Columbus Central University School of Medicine (CCUSOM), Belize

*Corresponding Author: Preethi Annam, Avalon University School of Medicine, Curacao.

Published: August 10, 2023

DOI: 10.55162/MCMS.05.156

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This case report is of a 43-year-old African American woman with eight months of severe nausea following gastric bypass revision surgery. The patient has successfully lost 135 pounds, but the nausea and vomiting affected her daily activities. Symptoms of nausea post-gastric bypass surgery are expected, but continuing to present for eight months is uncommon. Possible treatments include pharmacological and non-pharmacologic ones, allowing the patient to participate in daily activities and lead a healthy life while continuing to lose weight. The initial plan was for the patient to keep a food diary to identify possible triggers. The case presentation will discuss the patient's visit to the office to discuss her persistent nausea after the gastric bypass in June 2022.