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Volume 4 Issue 4

Holistic Aspect of Public Health Issues

Saba Khan*
Associate Professor, Department of Home Science, F/O Agricultural Science, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh
*Corresponding Author: Saba Khan, Associate Professor, Department of Home Science, F/O Agricultural Science, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

Published: March 30, 2023

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Public health refers to health care and health promotion that are aimed at the general public. It is combined role of individual, group, community as well as the government and non-government organisations to promote public health and awareness. Our goal is to make the population healthier overall so they can live life to the fullest and contribute to the development of the nation. This will lessen the burden of sickness in the community and reduce the treatment cost on the hospitals. It will also sensitise the population and encourage people to choose healthy lifestyle.

     According to WHO, health isn't only in terms of physical parameter but also includes mental, social, and emotional health and wellbeing. All of these are interconnected and interdependent. While discussing public health, the related issues for example life style, diet, family environment, immunity, home remedies etc. need to be addressed for achieving holistic aspect of public health.

Major concerns of Public Health

     Irrespective of advancements in medical research, technology and ease of living, what we are seeing today is increasing crowds at hospitals. It indicates that people are suffering more than they did in the past. Disease and illnesses have many causes, such as metabolic changes, lifestyle changes, communicable disease sources and ignorance of healthy life practices in general. If the people of the nation are knowledgeable about the nutritional benefits of food, the medical worth of food items, and the specific uses of food ingredients (e.g spices), then it will facilitate in maintaining the general public's health.

Dietary practices

     A well balance diet is essential for healthy body. Healthy food choice is the need of an hour. If one knows and practice the principles of food and nutrition while, planning and preparing the daily meals then the major health issues of the society will be in control.

Family environment

     A happy family environment, where the relationship of each family member is tied with love, affection and concern for each other affects the health life of all individual in the family. Positivity of thoughts, respect for each other, strong communication network maintain the practices of family values provides platform for healthy family environment leading to a healthy life.


     Immunity is another important component. If our body's immune system is strong enough, it can defend itself against many microorganisms and constraints. The population of pathogenic microorganisms is growing all around as a result of several factors including pollution. Strong immunity therefore plays a crucial part in keeping us healthy. There are a variety of things that can affect our immune systems, including our diet, level of physical activity, exposure to sunlight, spiritual practices.

Life style

     With the advancement in technologies there has been spurt growth in equipment to facilitate the day to day activities in home and around. One should create balance and try to coexist with nature. This will add both health and comfort to the public domain in sustainable way. Creating adequate balance in use of technological support system like computer, mobile etc. will go a long way in maintaining public health.

Home remedies

     Nature is a good healer. The nature’s ways of reducing the burden of disease and using natural ingredients for treatment is free from side effects as all natural ingredients are devoid of adverse effects. Although taking medication is not bad, developing a habit of doing so should be avoided because the majority of medications come with long-term adverse effects.

     All of the Home remedies can be easily practiced at home which play significant role in preserving our health and protecting us from disease. Through proper awareness of and judicious use of different foods and spices as medicine for therapeutic purpose, the maintenance, preservation, protection & treatment of diseases are possible. Apart from all these factors sunlight, proper physical exercise, sound sleep, mental peace, etc. are essential for health life.

     If the above issues are intelligently inculcated in our daily life then the holistic approach to public health can be developed.