Medicon Medical Sciences


Volume 4 Issue 4

Risks and Complications in Viral Infections

Otto Alemán Miranda*, Arelis Rabelo Castillo, Noslen De Lapuente and Yamila Domínguez Rodríguez
Doctor of Stomatology, Specialist in oral and Maxillofacial surgery, Cuba
*Corresponding Author: Otto Alemán Miranda, Doctor of Stomatology, Specialist in oral and Maxillofacial surgery, Cuba.

Published: March 24, 2023

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     Viral infections are common diagnoses in dental and maxillofacial consultations, both in adult and pediatric patients. There are multiple infectious agents, which will vary their clinical characteristics on occasions, and on others it will be complex for the professional to carry out a differential diagnosis due to the similarity of the lesions.

     There are conditions that occur sporadically in certain geographical regions and seasons of the year. Treatments can be differentiated in certain situations, but in most cases these nosological entities are faced with antivirals in the prodromal periods and in most cases the therapy is symptomatic. At present, what I call a pandemic of antimicrobial resistance has been triggered, given by the erroneous prescriptions of antibiotics in cases where there was no justified scientific indication; this is the case of viral diseases.

     The professional must do everything necessary to reach a diagnosis as accurate as possible, rely on complementary studies, and be oriented towards the main clinical characteristics of these diseases. To avoid the unnecessary and iatrogenic prescription of drugs, just to avoid the so-called "superinfections". Of course in the medical sciences the words always and never are dangerous, since nothing is so absolute in living beings. There may be cases of patients who, due to their immunocompromised systemic state, or due to being decompensated from an underlying disease, have infected the lesions caused by the virus and to avoid other complications, it is decided to insert an antimicrobial into the drug treatment. These cases are not the ones that predominate and in most of the patients that are applied, it is that the initial phase has already passed where the antiviral had a true curative action.

     In this chapter we will address the main viral lesions that produce different damages to the oral and maxillofacial complex, emphasizing the main risks and complications that can occur.