Medicon Medical Sciences

Editorial Note

Volume 4 Issue 1

Are Immunonutrition A Novel Therapy for Liver Diseases?

Safeena Beevi SS*

Published: December 31, 2022

DOI: 10.55162/MCMS.04.096

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Liver disease itself profoundly affects level of nutrition and malnutrition is commonly observed in ESLD patients awaiting liver transplantation (LT) [1]. Malabsorption renders the cirrhotic patient unable to utilize the food taken completely. Malnutrition is a considerable challenge to control efficiently in cirrhotic patients, specifically as the liver disorder advances [2]. Clinical nutrition was focused on nutritional support in order to meet the patient’s requirements and has been progressed to nutritional therapy planned as per the patient’s medical diagnosis. Recently, physicians and nutritionists are giving more importance to immunonutrition and pharmaconutrition [3].