Medicon Medical Sciences

Review Article

Volume 4 Issue 1

Nutritional Assessment and Tools Used in Chronic Liver Disease Patients Awaiting Liver Transplant

Safeena Beevi SS* and Wasil Hasan

Published: December 31, 2022

DOI: 10.55162/MCMS.04.095

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Patients waiting for liver transplant are faced with a variety of nutritional deficiencies and as liver disease advances, they might present with severe malnutrition, which enhances morbidity, prolonged hospital stay, increased infectious complications and decreased clinical outcome. Due to various metabolic alterations occurs in patients with chronic liver disease (CLD), it is a challenge to manage and maintain nutritional requirements to improve their outcome and survival as they are prone for micronutrient deficiencies along with protein calorie deficiency. Hence, it is vital to do nutritional assessment during their visit to hepatology clinic and plan diet plan accordingly. In this review, we are addressing about the nutritional issues frequently observed among cirrhotics and the usual nutritional assessment tools.

Keywords: Chronic liver disease; Cirrhosis; Nutritional assessment; Sarcopenia; Malnutrition