Medicon Medical Sciences

Review Article

Volume 3 Issue 6

Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis: A Review

Abdulaziz Radhi S AL Johni1*, Aishah Mohammed Alanazi2, Alaa Mohammad Ali Askar3, Tareq Saleh

Almehemadi4, Meshal Salman Almhemadi5, Basim Salman M Almehmadi6, Asmaa Naif Alosaimi7,

Osamhfaisal alganawy8 and Emad Abdullah Yahya Alghamdi9

Published: November 27, 2022

DOI: 10.55162/MCMS.03.084

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     The organism known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which was responsible for the development of tuberculosis was contagious through the air. Despite substantial efforts, tuberculosis continued to cause threat to the general public. The initial stage of tuberculosis called Latent tuberculosis could be prevented and controlled if being diagnosis early. Over the Years, Medical scientist, researchers and scholars have focused on the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis which has been the principal focused to prevent its spread. The disease have affected many countries including Saudi Arabia. Consequently, the implementation of comprehensive tuberculosis program that takes into account the management of latent tuberculosis infection illnesses among healthcare workers who have been reported to be at a higher risk for active tuberculosis than the general population would be important in curtaining the spread of the diseases. Therefore, the present research review the current diagnosis, treatment, prevention along with the negative medical and financial impact that the disease have on both the individuals and healthcare system. In addition to that, some suggestion and recommendation was provided as how the disease may be halted.

Keywords: manifestations TB; Symptoms; TB in children; TB in old people; Advances in the imaging diagnosis of TB; Microbiology.Molecular; serology for antibody/antigen detection; cellular immunodiagnosis; skin test; immunodiagnosis for IGRA; and Treatment