Research Articlevolume 2 Issue 5


Our health on the earth has been threatened since the middle of the 1990s. Mostly, Flood and droughts due to climate change also affect the food supply in agriculture. We need healthy soils, clean water, and sunlight as well known. On the other hand, they want enough harvest and efficiency in plant growth. However, they are also a necessary theme for everybody globally, and they fertilize and spray pesticides containing various chemical medicine. As a result, we may damage, and the risk will be spread because of scattering from the air. Therefore, what we take the balance of these themes must be an increasingly imminent issue. Therefore, the purpose of the article is to inform why we use SIGN water so that we can achieve decrease of the damages with agricultural chemicals, and good harvest to use it. Here, we propose the usage of pesticides as little as possible so that we reduce the effects on crops and soils with our pico-sized water.