Editorialvolume 2 Issue 5


The Covid 19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives and changed the way the world works, and also changed people’s perspective on health systems so far. Patients stay away from hospitals, hinder their checkups during this time, and cause significant diagnosis or treatment delays [1]. People who do not know how to deal with such a shocking disaster and seek alternative solutions were easy prey for pseudo-scientists. Who uses the reputation and power of medical science and thus gains trust, serves their own personal interests and disregards public health by trying to sell some herbal mixtures and homeopathic pseudo-drugs. Thus, modern and accurate health care was blocked or delayed more in many scenarios; the problems caused by the pandemic have deepened, and inequalities in health have increased more and more. As this whole process and short-term results show, the most critical way to deal with all developments in life is to be on the path of science. Because even against a virus effective enough to affect the world and cause a pandemic, four different vaccines were developed for coronavirus, a little more than a year after the first case of COVID-19 was identified [2]. This alone is a glorious victory for the medical and scientific community worldwide.

Medicine is not a field that only has practicing jobs but also and probably more importantly includes expressing the encountering difficulties, differences, results, and even failures. Scientific research and publishing are vital factors for the improvement of global medical practice. Therefore every physician is also a scientist that contributes to the field in which they also practice. Just as there cannot be a surgeon who cannot operate, there cannot be a physician who cannot create and design research ideas.

Scientific production progress continues with roughly three major steps: I) Defining a problem, II) Designing ideas for solutions, and III) showing that the optimal solution is non-inferior than current solutions if there is one, and finally publishing it in scientific journals. Therefore, the essential part is the follow-up and contribution to the current literature.

Adhering to scientific thinking is especially important when faced with a new and unique problem, as we witnessed with the current pandemic. The most reliable approach could be suggested naturally because of the genuine involvement of a systematic production and consumption process every time.

Having solid and dedicated scientific journals is crucial for improving the academic world and clinical care. Hence, increasing the significance of writing and publishing by scientists could give humanity the desired world that is prepared for future pandemics and other possible problems.