Editorialvolume 2 Issue 4


Home health care management for dwellers and the elderly is much of a desire than a real time opportunity for most. The future points to homes having a room designated for health care just as a kitchen, bathroom or dining room form essential rooms in a house. This choice of location however must be outfitted with equipment capable of monitoring health, logging and retrieving data for remote communication to those involved in virtual medicine, for diagnosis.

Personnel from organizations and homes wishing to measure and manage their own on-site health information are faced with inability to conduct appropriate instrumentation and data collection methods as well as analysis of the data collected. Automation is slowly emerging as a technique for monitoring worker and patient health vitals as people perception, probably due to lack of trust in such a system, is not in favor with replacement of the systems currently in use. Automation too has its challenges in a human environment and as such requires some feedback on situation awareness for operator performance.