Opinionvolume 1 Issue 5

Homeopathy - Myths and Facts about Gastric Issues

Dr. Yatri Thacker*

Published: November 30, 2021


Mrs. XYZ36-year-old lady recently consulted me for severe acid reflux, migraine headache and indigestion since past 9 months. She tried various conventional treatment without relief. Finally decided to try homeopathy and our holistic treatment.

During her case history she seemed unhappy with work life since a year. Intense online work shifts and her inability to lead the team led to self-doubt. Nothing seemed to work for her. She was irritated at trifles, felt anxious and out of control. Within 3 months of starting our homeopathy treatment along with counselling and lifestyle changes the patient’s gastritis was completely cured. Also, she seemed relaxed and confident. She even got promotion.