Medicon Microbiology (ISSN: 3008-248X)


Volume 1 Issue 4


Samar El-Farra*

Published: April 21, 2022

DOI: 10.55162/MCMI.22.020

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As worldwide turbulences and disruptions amass, focus on human sciences should remain at the core of interest of the scientists. Uncertainty, and depleted resources can sometimes distract human advancement, but this should not be the case, especially when human well-being is at stake. Thus, scientific dialogue and research is now, more than ever, a crusade to be encouraged by the scientific community. Experts in Microbial pathogenesis, Clinical microbiology to name but a few have a substantial role in addressing pandemics like the COVID-19 that human race is still enduring. Wisdom of crowds should be solicited and encouraged though respected research and publication to forecast and predict future pandemic for better preparedness. Marine, aquatic, and environmental microbiology, and ionizing radiation and nuclear microbiology effects are also pushing their way to the forefront as priorities in response to the state of war between Russia and Ukraine. Historically, world turbulences have hampered human wellbeing research while other areas of innovation and research like weapon of nuclear destruction were funded and well supported. Scientists and researchers should not fall victims of world turbulences again and should remain focused not losing the momentum of advancing research for human well-being. Medicon Microbiology (MCMI) is the ideal platform to facilitate peer-reviewed open-access space to support researchers and scientists in publishing expert analysis. Medicon Microbiology (MCMI) editorial board wishes to extend gratitude to experts input of authors and is confident that the esteemed reader would benefit and consider partaking a role in the betterment of human sciences and wellbeing.