Medicon Microbiology (ISSN: 3008-248X)

Research Article

Volume 2 Issue 3

Anti-COVID-19 Strategies at Public University in Central Mexico

Cruz García Lirios1* and Felipe de Jesús Vilchis Mora2
1Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México
2Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México

*Corresponding Author: Cruz García Lirios, Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México.

Published: December 07, 2023

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The anti-COVID-19 policies were implemented in order to mitigate and contain the health, economic and social crisis. The objective of the present work was to establish the learning neural network of the studies related to anti-COVID-19 policies. A documentary, cross-sectional, exploratory and correlational work was carried out with a sample of findings published in indexed journals. A structure was found whose centrality, grouping and trajectories suggest that the anti-COVID-19 policies initiated the mitigation process and were shaped through risk communication and assimilation. In reference to the studies reported in the literature, there is a line of research regarding the establishment of a discussion agenda, agreements and co-responsibility.

Keywords: Structure; Sustainability; Rationality; Decision and Action