Medicon Dental Sciences (ISSN: 3008-2609)

Review Article

Volume 4 Issue 2

Oral Lichenoid Contact Lesions - Clinical Presentations and Dental Implications

Abdulhameed Alsarraf1,2*, Ajwan Alzamil1 and Qutaibah Alfadalah1
1Oral Medicine Clinic, Jahra Dental Speciality Center, Ministry of Health, Kuwait
2Oral Medicine Clinic, Dental Department, Kuwait Oil Company Hospital, Kuwait

*Corresponding Author: Dr Abdulhameed Alsarraf, Oral Medicine Clinic, Ministry of Health, Kuwait.

Published: February 01, 2024

DOI: 10.55162/MCDS.04.071

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Oral lichenoid contact lesions (OLCLs) typically present in direct topographic relationship with restorative materials. OLCLs present clinically similar to oral lichen planus (OLP) with features ranging from patches or plaque-like lesions to large, painful ulcerative/erosive lesions. However, lesions are distinct from OLP due to their asymmetric unilateral presentation and their relationship with dental restorative materials. Most lesions consist of white, linear, parallel, and non-elevated streaks that radiate from a central erythematous area adjacent to dental restorations. There is sufficient evidence for an increased risk of malignant transformation of OLCLs according to the latest classification of oral potentially malignant disorders. Therefore, recognition of mucosal changes related to lichenoid inflammation is paramount. Dental implications and clinical significance are highlighted by the potential for malignancy, necessitating careful management and consideration of alternative restorative materials. We present the clinical presentations of OLCLs and highlight dental implications relevant to the overall management of affected patients.

Keywords: Oral Lichenoid Lesions; Dental Materials; Patch Testing; Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders