Research Articlevolume 1 Issue 4


Introduction: Snoring endangers the health and can lead to the emergence or worsening of existing diseases, such as high blood pressure and heart attack. There are numerous surgical and non-surgical treatment options for snoring and snoring apnea syndrome (SAS). All surgical and conservative treatments do not address the cause of snoring, only the symptom. Gaumfit® is the first device that treats 90% of the causes of snoring.
Aim: To verify that primary snoring improves when the oral musculature is trained by the Gaumfit® exercise device. Method: In a retropspective analysis on 100 test persons (83 males and 17 females) the effectiveness of the innovative concept of Gaumfit® exercise device was analyzed. The subjects wore Gaumfit® for 3x10 minutes a day(!) and were interviewed after four weeks.
Results: Snoring was reduced in 94 out of 100 subjects. This represents a success rate of 94%. This finding is highly significant (p=0.008). It felt more rested in the morning 79% of Gaumfit® users. 94 subjects used Gaumfit® during the four weeks and rated the innovated therapy method with the predicate “good” (school grade 1.95).  
Conclusion: The oral muscle training device Gaumfit® significantly strengthens the palatal and tongue muscles and is therefore suitable to alleviate primary snoring.